Description of Site

Castle Hill is a multi-phase development located within the Eastern Quarry, 1.5miles from Ebbsfleet International Station. Each phase on the development has been issued to a different developer with the following developers confirmed:

  • Ward Homes,
  • Barratt Homes,
  • David Wilson Homes,
  • Taylor Wimpey,
  • Persimmon.

The development currently has large green spaces, playgrounds, a primary school, and a community centre with future plans for local shops and other amenities. The construction of the development begun in 2015 and is expected to take at least 10 years for completion.

Did you know?

  • Mammoth remains were found in Ebbsfleet making it one of the very few places within the UK where such remains have been found. This has been represented with the large mammoth and calf sculpture which has been placed at the entrance to the development.
  • The archaeologists used the pollen found within soil to determine the age of the site, this inspired the bee’s leg sculpture within Phase
  • The Quarry was an open cement works, owned by Lafarge until 2008
  • The City of London can fit into the quarry that Castle Hill is built in
  • The quarry has chalk cliffs up to 180ft high (as tall as 10 double decker buses)
  • It will take the equivalent of 1.2million average sized baths to fill the lake
  • The developers have relocated 1 great crested newt, 100 common lizards, more than 20 slow worms and over 40 toads during the construction of Castle Hill
  • Chalk excavation began in the 1930s and was transported to Swanscome cement works through a network of tunnels
  • Chalk from the quarry has been used in cement manufactured at Northfleet that has been used to build both the QE2 bridge and parts of the channel tunnel
  • The local football team is Ebbsfleet United Football Club known as “The Fleet”